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Cargo Transportation in ISO Tanks

An ISO tank is structurally a tank equipped with a frame (frame elements), drain fittings and a loading and unloading device.

ISO tanks are used for mobile movement from one mode of transport to another (sea, river, road, and rail transport).

Transportation in ISO tanks eliminates the need to transfer transported cargoes from one intransit vessel or tank to another which results in time savings and reduced transportation costs.

Transportation of different types of cargoes in ISO tanks

This container type is used in multimodal routes for the transportation of:

  • Food products: Alcoholic beverages, spirits, vegetable oils, concentrates, food additives, as well as concentrated juices, mineral water, and dairy products;
  • Industrial cargoes: Oil and petrochemical products, lubricants, paints, chemical solutions, acids, salt solutions, liquefied gas, bulk solids, etc.

Advantages of Transportation in ISO Tanks

Shipment of goods in ISO tanks is possible by rail, road and sea vessels.

Cargo containers undergo mandatory certification procedure.

Transportation of hazardous goods in ISO tanks by rail is considered to be the safest method.

The possibility of intransit storage of liquids and the ease of their shipment provide for significant time and money savings.

ISO tanks take up the same amount of space as standard barrels; however, they carry 60% more cargo.

Advantages of your cooperation with the international forwarding and logistics company Spectransgarant:

  • Carefully planned logistics;
  • Transportation of ISO tanks by road transport;
  • Sea transportation;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Cargo escort services;
  • Enhanced intransit safety;
  • Convenience, reliability, and space saving;
  • Liberal pricing policy;
  • Fast delivery.

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Transportation in ISO Tanks


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