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Spectransgarant Increased tank-container transportation by 8% in 2023

In 2023 tank-container operator Spectransgarant increased the volume of shipments to 1.3 million tons, which is 8% more than the company shipped in 2022. Shipments of liquid nitrogen fertilizers, styrene and sulfuric acid in tank-containers showed the best dynamics at the end of the year.

Over the past year, Spectransgarant has expanded shipments of liquid nitrogen fertilizers by more than 1.7 times, providing a 67.5 thousand ton increase on the level of 2022. Accelerated production of mineral fertilizers in Russia contributed to the active development of this segment. Against this background, STG also attracted additional volumes of sulphuric acid, used as a raw material by fertilizer producers — shipments of this substance to TC grew by 11%.

Styrene has acquired an important place in the transportation structure of Spectransgarant, becoming one of the main drivers of growth in 2023 (+58% compared to 2022). The company secured the tender and became the main tank-container exporter of this product from the site of one of Russia’s largest petrochemical complexes located in Bashkortostan.

«In 2023 we opened new export routes through the ports of the North Caucasus and St. Petersburg. We also actively developed logistics across the Russian Federation and multimodal transportation. Taking into account the growing volumes, Spectransgarant increased its fleet of tank-containers by 8.9% to 7.5 thousand units, including the purchase of 440 innovative TCs with a maximum gross weight of 39 tons,» said Pavel Moskalenko, General Director of Spectransgarant.

In addition, in 2023, Spectransgarant organized transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in tank-containers to China through the Kamyshovaya (Russia) — Hunchun (PRC) border crossing. The Company successfully completed a test shipment, delivering 875 tons of LPG to Chinese consumers. The new logistics scheme allows the cargo to be delivered to the consignee door-to-door.

«Taking into account that our LPG customers in China do not have railway access lines, the best option is the delivery in tank-containers. These arrive to the terminal in China by rail, circumventing the busiest areas, then they are reloaded onto motor vehicles and sent to the gas filling station (GFS), where the gas is discharged into reservoirs», — explained a Spectransgarant spokesman.

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