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Spectransgarant develops cooperation with chemical industry enterprises

Spectransgarant and SG-trans showcased their services at the International Exhibition «Chemistry — 2023». The chemical industry representatives showed significant interest in the transportation of chemical products using innovative tank containers with increased load capacity, as well as in the repair and maintenance services for specialized rolling stock.

During the exhibition, specialists of LLC Spectransgarant shared information about transportation possibilities of chemical products in tank containers with improved characteristics that the company obtained this year. Such modified containers have a maximum load of 39 tons, compared to the standard 36-ton load capacity of regular containers.

«The increased load capacity of these tank containers allows for optimized logistic processes by using a smaller fleet for exporting the declared volume of products. This is particularly relevant in busy areas, such as the Eastern polygon,» said Pavel Moskalenko, General Director of Spectransgarant.

The exhibition attendees also showed interest in the transportation of aggressive chemicals using specialized rolling stock available in the Spectransgarant fleet. Moreover, there were numerous requests for the transportation of non-hydrocarbon gases using tank containers.

The Spectransgarant and SG-trans representatives held negotiations with delegations from China, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, India, and the UAE at the exhibition site. According to Pavel Moskalenko, the meetings with foreign colleagues indicated promising prospects for the development of these routes, including the North-South corridor.

Market participants also expressed interest in the technical support of logistics projects. SG-trans presented its services in the field of repair and maintenance of rolling stock based on its own infrastructure in various regions of the Russian Federation.

«The exhibition, like all similar events, provided an excellent platform for business meetings with partners and for establishing new connections. As a result of negotiations, agreements were reached on the terms of spare parts supply, tank container production, and the expansion of SG-trans infrastructure into new regions of the Russian Federation,» stated in SG-trans.

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