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Spectransgarant increased the number of multimodal shipments in tank containers with a factor of more than 1.7

Spectransgarant (STG), Russia’s largest ISO tank operator, has made a successful shift from European to new markets, such as China, Turkey and Iran. The Company has focused on the development of multimodal shipments, significantly increasing the number of such shipments in 2022.

According to STG, Russian exports to Europe in 2022 almost discontinued due to the sanctions restrictions, and the Russian container operators began to develop new routes to the Southeast Asia, Turkey, MENA countries and other regions. «We have had our logistics chains connecting Russia and Europe redirected within a short time. Using the routes between Russia and China, Russia and Turkey and Russia and Iran more actively, we have managed to increase the rate of high-profitability shipments in the past year,» a spokesperson at Spectransgarant says.

Despite the general market turmoil, STG demonstrated a 77% increase in multimodal shipments in ISO tanks in 2022.

STG believes that logistics restructuring by operators was hindered by infrastructure restrictions at key points, lack of terminal capacities, congestion at checkpoints, lack of platforms in the Far East.

In 2023, the workload for the Far East infrastructure will remain at a level close to maximum — both in ports and at border crossings.

«In 2023, despite the infrastructure hurdles, trading and logistics ties with trader countries, such as Turkey, UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and others, will be further bolstered. Spectransgarant will continue to view Iran and the International North—South Transport Corridor as its strategic growth vectors,» the Сompany says.

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