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02.08.2022, Gudok

ISO Tanks for Hazardous Goods Transportation

Spectransgarant LLC completed the first Russian rail shipment of chlorethylene, a hazardous chlorine-containing gas. Last week the cargo arrived at the terminal depot of the East Siberian Railway. The company plans to extend the range and geography of transportation of hazardous types of gas, as well as upgrade its fleet of special-purpose containers for new types of cargo.

Igor Khakhulin, head of Kuibyshev TCFTO, told Gudok that the terminal route point was Perevoz Station (East Siberian Railway). The total volume of chlorethylene over three shipments exceeded 137 tons. The first batch of the hazardous gas was dispatched on July 9 from Kosyakovka Station (Kuibyshev Railroad). Within a month Spectransgarant LLC set up two more shipments (departure dates: July 16 and July 22).

STG notes that considering extreme explosiveness of chlorine-containing gas it is necessary to carefully monitor the filling and unloading processes, which is carried out by the company’s technical experts and JSC SG-Tran. Tank degassing after delivery to the destination is performed by the consignor.

To set up transportation of dangerous types of cargo they use special rolling stock – ISO tanks.

According to Sergey Kaletin, General Director of JSC SG-Trans, in future the company plans to extend its geography of transportation of chlorethylene and enhance its fleet of ISO tanks fit for shipments of this product.

‘JSC SG-Trans and STG, together with ISO tank manufacturer Kemerovokhimmash (branch of JSC Altaivagon) and under technical supervision of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, are looking to increase load carrying capacity of gas ISO tanks, KC-25 model,’ added Sergey Kaletin.

The company also noted that corresponding upgrade would help increase the gross weight of the tanks from 24,000 kg to 30,480 kg.

STG together with JSC SG-Trans is examining the issue of expanding the possibilities of using shut-off and safety valves installed on the tanks as applied to various petrochemical products. This solution will increase the volume of hazardous gas rail transportation – vinyl chloride and methyl chloride – in special-purpose containers.


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