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Multimodal Transportation

On the transport services market multimodal transportation is in high demand.

This shipment method enables you to quickly move products, raw materials and any other materials between contractors located in different cities and countries.

As part of the provision of such services it is envisaged to involve several modes of transport, i.e. road, rail and sea transport.

The choice of transportation scheme depends on a particular challenge and urgency of its implementation.

Our company performs international and domestic multimodal transportation and is fully responsible for proper handling and documenting any transportation order, as well as cargo safety.

Types of multimodal transportation

Multimodal cargo transportation is performed by any modes of transport and their combinations. A single cargo document is drafted and issued for such multimodal transportation. Our experts have extensive experience in logistics, and they are able to calculate the optimal transport transportation schemes with cargo escorting at all stages. Our experts determine locations for handling operations, as well as provide for ways and methods of storage of your cargo.

We provide the following services:

  • Marine multimodal containerized cargo transportation. Considering the fact that ports are not available in every city, transportation by sea craft is most often combined with delivery by road or rail. Such transportation schemes make it possible to ensure good delivery speed at a reasonably low cost of such services;
  • Combined road transport. International multimodal transport involving road transport entails complex logistics. Products are shipped by heavy-duty vehicles, after which they are reloaded on small trucks and shipped to the destinations. Another approach is possible as well: Small consignments are delivered to warehouses by small trucks, where they are reloaded on heavy-duty trucks for further delivery to the consignee. Combined road transport may involve sea and rail transport;
  • Railway combined transportation. Multimodal transportation by rail takes a little more time, yet such mode of transport is cheaper. Rail shipments can be combined with sea and road transportation options.

Advantages of Multimodal Transportation

Entering into a multimodal delivery agreement provides you with the following advantages when it comes to domestic and international cargo transportation:

  • Most beneficial traffic routes
  • Optimal modes of transport
  • Transport cost minimization
  • Delivery time reduction
  • Single set of documents required
  • Complete responsibility for integrity of your cargo en route
  • Customs clearance, taking into account specific features of local legislation of both the consignor and the consignee
  • Strict compliance with the delivery terms for certain types of cargo
  • Streamlining reloading and repacking procedures enabling you to maintain presentable appearance of your freight items

Spectransgarant experts work with all types of importers and exporters:

  • Legal entities
  • Individuals
  • Sole proprietors

We ship and deliver cargoes within minimum timelines in strict compliance with the national and international legislation.

Advantages of Working with Spectransgarant

We have a solid reputation as a reliable multimodal forwarder and we perform a set of transport communications involving all of the above modes of transport. We strictly adhere to deadlines as agreed with our customers.

Our multimodal transportation service package includes:

  • Insurance
  • Customs clearance formalities
  • Cargo escorting to ensure cargo safety condition

We offer multimodal cargo transportation from Moscow and other Russian cities by appropriate modes of transport, taking into account connection time and the customs border time. We take care of setting up and supervision at all stages of our services. Transportation of goods and cargoes is performed against FIATA bills of lading, thereby providing forwarding services at an integrated through rate.

We guarantee fast delivery of your cargoes to any destination worldwide. We offer favorable pricing! Give us a call at +7 (495) 589-1977. We take responsibility for the quality of our deliveries.

Multimodal Transportation


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